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天気 旅行
開発者 International Travel Weather Calculator
3.99 USD

The essential 天気 App for iPhone & iPad - with beautiful real Weather Condition Videos.
Join millions of others by getting Weather+ now; the most well-designed and reliable weather app available!

• Weather and time details for an unlimited number of cities
• Full-screen video loops of the weather in the selected location
• Fully functional on iPad, iPhone, iPod and Apple Watch!
• Standard weather info like condition, description and temperature
• Wind direction and speed details
• Humidity, precipitation, pressure and visibility details
• Daily forecast with weather data every 3 hours
• Weekly weather forecast for a total of 5 days
• Swipe the screen from left to right to switch between selected locations
• Flip clock with the time of your current location and of the selected location
• Switch between Fahrenheit/Miles and Celsius/Kilometers
• Supports Split View
• Full watchOS 2 support

天気 Weather+ provides current weather conditions and a 5-day forecast of all worldwide weather stations. The information is visualized with full-screen video loops of the weather conditions.
These features combined with a Flip Clock and a World Clock turn your iPhone and/or iPad into a beautifully designed weather station!

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